Be Credible. Build Equity.

July 20, 2011

In the business of advertising and selling luxury brands, high brand equity is key. 
After all, a brand’s equity is ultimately derived from consumers- what they say about the brand, how they act towards the brand, their purchase and usage habits, etc. The notion of building brand equity seems simple enough: establish a credible brand that people like and will pay for. A more credible brand often lends itself to higher equity.  

The traditional, tried and true way of establishing said brand credibility is through the placement of advertisements through traditional media- broadcast, print, and Internet ads. Added credibility comes in other ways, frequently through the use of celebrity endorsements. Let’s face it, whether we use these brands or not, we all know how much Jennifer Aniston loves her Smart Water and that Eva Longoria’s hair has a healthy, vibrant shine from her L’Oreal hair color.


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