Captivating the Captive Audience

January 28, 2011

Make your e-mail marketing campaign delete-proof

E-mail marketing is the most immediate way to connect with your target audience. Unlike traditional print or direct mail advertising, your e-mail message is instantly received and gives the recipient the opportunity to respond equally as fast. At Cotton & Company, e-blasts have become a powerful tool in the daily effort to market real estate developments around the world. According to Dynamic Graphics magazine, e-mail marketing is ”20 times more cost-effective than direct mail—it can cost as little as fractions of a penny per e-mail and generate initial response within an average of 48 hours.” With that kind of opportunity, you must be certain your message is told as effectively as possible. Keep in mind these key points:

First, it’s important to consider your subject line carefully. You have 40 characters or less to intrigue someone enough to open your e-mail rather than delete it sight unseen. What is the essence of your message? That is what your subject line must convey.

Secondly, make sure your e-mail contains actual text as well as images. Even if you have a beautiful signature shot, know that not all e-mail programs display images equally well; that way, even if your image doesn’t download, at least your message can still be read. Placing your logo at the top of the e-mail ensures that it will be the first thing noticed, even if the e-mail is not read in its entirety. Keep your message brief; don’t make your audience scroll down too far to get to the heart of your message.


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