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CONSUMERS ARE CUTTING THE CABLE: Opening New Doors to Streaming Video Content

June 3, 2019
Advertising for Streaming Video Content

The world is moving fast, and technology continues to evolve at a record pace. 4K televisions are the standard, and new OTT (Over the Top) media channels like Hulu, Netflix and YouTube are built into the television at the factory. Buy a new TV and plug it in – there’s no more waiting for cable to be installed. You can immediately watch digital content at a much lower cost, paying only for what you really enjoy.

It’s no wonder that in the last year alone, over 6 million Americans cut the cord to cable.  The younger generations are among the first to recognize the low-cost, high-quality options now available. Many wealthy families and those who consider themselves innovators are also making the shift. We’ve reached the tipping point. Today, 50% of the television audience or 33 million people are now streaming content, rather than watching traditional broadcast or cable networks.

Premium video content is being produced and consumed at a record pace, and 5G internet is creating an entirely new world for website developers, the entertainment industry and advertisers alike. This exciting transition is great news for marketers as well. The accessibility to data, the use of artificial intelligence and reliability of identity solution matching now enables us to demographically target TV audiences on an individual basis.

Since content is delivered via digital stream, it comes with granular targeting capabilities. Personal attributes such as age, income, lifestyle interests, political affiliations, geographic travel patterns, brand affinities, and shopping history to name a few. Your message will be in front of the right audience at the right time, delivering more relevancy and reducing waste. The best part?  Each completed view is delivered at a fraction of the cost when compared to traditional TV advertising.

OTT viewing combines the power of digital advertising with the television content, creating one of the most compelling environments for viewers to engage the content they are watching, along with the advertiser’s message.

The learn more about how to incorporate OTT advertising into your marketing strategy, contact Cotton & Company today.