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Fresh Content- The Key to Building Your Internet Footprint

October 9, 2012

With 95% of new homebuyers beginning their home search online, builders and developers infrastructure planning should not only include density, drainage and utility planning, but equally as important, Internet infrastructure. All too often web development is an afterthought that becomes a focus once the sales and marketing team is brought on board. “While everyone recognizes the importance of attracting homeowners online, building a strong Internet footprint isn’t their primary focus at the earliest stages of development,” says Laurie Andrews, COO of Cotton & Company. “Overlooking the importance of getting started early has a direct impact on the cost of lead generation at the time of the community’s sales launch later on.”

Understanding the challenge begins with understanding search engines, especially Google. Remaining the number one search tool in the world requires a constant focus on delivering relevant search results to its online consumers. For Google to maintain its dominance in the marketplace, they must deliver relevant search results to its readers. With web programmers using black hat tactics to trick the system, Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving in order to accurately deliver relevant content in search results. The age of the domain name being the key driver in establishing a solid online footprint is over. In addition, the detection of new content is critical to continuously engage Google’s spiders in reindexing the website’s content. With the explosive growth of social networking amongst online consumers, Google is now prioritizing dynamic social content and recognizing the interaction within traditional websites.

The determination of a website’s success in these areas results in a “relevancy score” from Google. More than just a unit of measurement, this score is a key factor in determining the actual cost the developer pays when implementing an Internet pay-per-click campaign. With a competitive market for keywords like “homes,” “condominiums” or a particular geographic area, the relevancy built into the foundation and ongoing management of your Internet program becomes increasingly important in today’s digital marketplace. For more information on generating real estate sales success through digital marketing initiatives, visit