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Is it Time to Change Out Those Engines?

December 26, 2012

You own a yacht, and it’s been quite a few years since you updated her. The engines probably need to be rebuilt or maybe even replaced. After significant due diligence, you discover that much has happened in the engine world since you last overhauled your engines. Innovative technology has opened new opportunities for substantially improved fuel mileage, quieter running engines and a digital dashboard allowing for constant analysis of all mechanical components. While you’re thrilled with the innovation, you’re also concerned about what it is going to cost. What’s a captain to do? There is only one answer — order the new engines. Yes, it is large expense, but your investment in the vessel is larger, and you must protect that value.  

The market is awakening in today’s real estate development world. Many companies who put marketing on the back burner in 2006 are preparing to return to a market where much has changed. Where they once saw an expense, they now recognize a sales opportunity. Now is the time to take a closer look at their marketing programs. It takes little due diligence to recognize that nearly everything has changed over the last 7 years…social media, tablets, smart phones and endless upgrades to software and hardware. In fact, the iPhone was introduced in June 2007–it hardly seems possible. So what’s a developer to do? Make the decision to transition your analog program and take full advantage of digital strategies. Getting started will require an initial investment, but over the long rum, your program will be more efficient, more targeted and will provide accurate reporting and data base management to ensure you are exceeding your sales objectives. One thing is certain, once you set your digital marketing engine in motion, you’ll never look back! 


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