Math and science decline will hurt marketing.

August 3, 2011

Anyone who has seen the news lately is aware of the numerous reports regarding the US education system and how our younger generation is slipping in math and science. In fact, we are one of the worst among developed countries in this category. Mention math and/or science as a career and the typically visual is a scientist with a lab coat or a mathematician hunkered behind a computer. The fact is math and science stretch much beyond the stereotypical lab coat and into mainstream career fields. This makes the recent decline that much more worrisome. To help combat the trend, the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) was launched in 2007 with a mission to encourage the 50 million plus students in the public school system to engage in math and science as a way of preparing them for today’s and tomorrow’s careers. Taking it one step further, ExxonMobil has teamed with various organizations to encourage students to pursue careers in math and science.


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