Survey: Vacation Home Market on The Rebound

Written by media / March 19, 2011

After several years of negative trends in the real estate industry, finally a sign of life: A market study just out by a Stuart real estate marketing firm shows budding consumer confidence in the second- or vacation-home market. “It’s no exaggeration to say that four years ago — unless you count commercial buyers grabbing up ultra-cheap foreclosures — the second-home market was dead as a doornail,” said Rolly Marsh, a market analyst with Washington, D.C.-based National Association of Realtors. The good news comes via the third annual Cotton Report, which reports a polling of more than 800 participants on housing preferences, motivating factors, pricing levels and timelines for purchase. It included participants from 39 states, Canada, Europe and Latin America…. Read more »

Harsh Winter May Have Triggered Vacation Home Market Rebound

Written by media / March 17, 2011

After several years of negative trends in the real estate industry, a recent market study shows signs of increasing consumer confidence. The third annual Cotton Report polled more than 800 participants on housing preferences, motivating factors, pricing levels and timelines for purchase. The survey included participants from 39 states, as well as Canada, Europe and Latin America. While no direct correlation was made to the harsh winter temperatures, the research survey indicated a substantial increase in the number of homebuyers seeking a vacation home purchase, an increase of 800% year-over-year. This dynamic trend is further supported by an increase in the number of buyers describing their transition as a geographic relocation, now 40%. Over the three-year period of the annual… Read more »

One Thousand Ocean Luxury Event The ‘Talk Of The Town’

Written by media / March 1, 2011

Nearly 400 guests, including some of South Florida’s most sophisticated and stylish residents recently attended a “Celebration of Luxury” in a location renowned for it- One Thousand Ocean. The developer of the new Atlantic Ocean-to-Intracoastal condominium in Boca Raton graciously welcomed partygoers who were initially greeted by the sight of a 2011 Ferrari California parked in front of the arrival court, compliments of Ferrari-Maserati of Fort Lauderdale. Guests were guided into the iconic, contemporary building where they then were swept by elevator to the largest of four recently released penthouses. There, sumptuous hor d’oevres and libations merged with live music and vocals, as statuesque fashion models in glittering gowns from Zola Keller glided across the exquisite interior spaces that total… Read more »

Industry Insight: Laurie Andrews Talks Lending

Written by media / January 6, 2011

Industry insight: Laurie Andrews talks lending Andrews is COO at Cotton & Company, a leading real estate sales and marketing firm that has represented more than 1,600 communities over the past 27 years. How has the current lending environment affected your clients’ ability to obtain financing? Development financing reached a standstill over the past several years with the capital markets frozen. Both domestic and international developers are undertaking a global approach. They now seek out international investment resources from stronger capital markets, including Asia and South America. With a glut of new-home inventory in the market, developers and investors have focused on buying up distressed properties rather than beginning new projects from raw land. What kinds of strategies are your… Read more »

Glass Rooms on The Patio

Written by media / November 30, 2010

Outdoor patios with full kitchens are getting even huger these days, with some nearing 10,000 square feet, said Stephann Cotton, owner of the real-estate sales and marketing firm Cotton & Co. They’ve got the Rolls Royce of grills, outdoor wine fridges, fireplaces, sweeping views — you name it. But guess what else they’ve got? Bugs. Cotton said his high-end clients with penthouses in Boca Raton, Fla., are increasingly asking for these glass structures, out at the end of the patio where the best views are. They’re turning them into everything from outdoor dining areas and zen gardens to man caves and music studios. A four-sided glass structure means there aren’t just northern views or southern views, Cotton says, there are… Read more »

Florida Anticipates Real Estate Recovery—What Happens Next

Written by media / October 26, 2010

Urban Land Institute member and Florida CEO, Stephann Cotton was on hand for one of the largest gatherings of economists, land planners and real estate developers in North America earlier this month, in Washington, DC. According to Cotton, the next real estate cycle will be at least a ten-year rebound, as the market picks up—yet anyone in real estate right now needs to be patient, stabilization will be slow and steady. “Florida’s real estate recovery will definitely be fueled by international investors, with South America and Canada leading the way—the trophy properties, the A-list oceanfront properties are recovering the quickest,” explained Mr. Cotton, CEO of the real estate sales and marketing firm Cotton & Company. “Economists at ULI’s fall meeting… Read more »

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