4 Baby Boomer Housing Trends to Watch

Written by Jennifer Magill / November 11, 2015

The baby boomer generation is more active than generations past, has a more sophisticated style and wants options and choices in their homes. Whether they are selling the homes where they raised their children and heading to sunnier pastures, or buying a second home to accommodate their retired lifestyle, boomers are making an impact on housing trends. They want to lower their housing expenses. Many boomers look forward to moving to a smaller house or condo in warm weather to free up equity to pay for travel or other extra expenses they know they’ll face at some point in the years ahead. Peninsula on the Intracoastal in Boynton Beach provides luxury condos and townhomes with Palm Beach waterfront views offering boomers a… Read more »

Are the Know Before You Owe Rules Affecting You?

Written by Marissa Mastroianni / November 4, 2015

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has changed residential real estate as of last month. Contract forms and the terminology got a facelift. And the “Know Before You Owe” rules were added. A lender is now a creditor, and the borrower/buyer is a consumer. The initial Truth in Lending statement and Good Faith Estimate that has been used for a number of years is now the Loan Estimate. And the old-faithful HUD-1 has been discarded in favor of a Closing Disclosure. When a person buys a single-family house, the lender needs basic information including income, assets, and monthly expenses before a firm loan commitment can be made. But if the person is buying a condominium unit, the lender needs additional information… Read more »

Two Peas in a Pod: Real Estate and Farming

Written by Marissa Mastroianni /

According to a recent article by CityLab, “Environmentally conscious construction and building systems are old news at this point, but building-integrated food production is a relatively new and growing area of focus.” As real estate continues to strengthen in a number of U.S. cities, real estate developers are looking to small-scale food production to augment their plans. At the same time, food activists are beginning to recognize how even luxury builders can advance their cause. Many of these developments view agriculture and farms as an added amenity for homeowners, similar to a gym or a media lounge. Having fresh, local food readily available is an incentive homebuyers are valuing. Henry Gordon-Smith, who advises Boston schools, builders and cities as they… Read more »

Is Stock Volatility Affecting Real Estate Momentum?

Written by Jennifer Magill / September 21, 2015

According to Realtor.com the median “days on market” is down 6% year-over-year and up 6% month-over-month at 75 days, which shows the season is naturally shifting to favor buyers as inventory moves more slowly than in spring and summer. A combination of market volatility pressuring rates and seasonal slowdown looks to be serving as an advantage to buyers as summer winds down. A temporary drop in demand in the luxury segment by those negatively affected by stock market instability might be just what strained would-be buyers need to gain the advantage in a market that has given sellers the upper hand so far this year. The hottest housing markets receive 1.8 to 3 times the number of views per listing compared… Read more »

Update: Baby Boomer Real Estate Trends

Written by Marissa Mastroianni / September 15, 2015

For decades, developers and urban planners have been anticipating the retirement years of wealthy baby boomers often focusing on demographic and geographic research. Boomers have always been known for blazing a new trail, and there’s no reason that wouldn’t hold true when it comes to planning their retirement years. It’s the psychographic changes of the generation that are now having the biggest impact on residential real estate in ways that are overturning conventional assumptions and redirecting amenity and service programs throughout the country. Here’s a look at five trends that can no longer be ignored: 1. Modern Homes: Most boomers have “been there, done that” with older homes that have history and character. They want modern appliances, energy-efficient doors and… Read more »

Natural Amenities Top Homebuyers’ List of Favorites

Written by Marissa Mastroianni / September 2, 2015

Being outside doesn’t just mean backyard pools and patios anymore. With the growing focus on health and wellness, today’s homebuyers are drawn to living healthier and nature-based amenities are at the top of their list. While the increased health benefits are important, it’s decreasing cost to manage and operate that makes natural settings more than just a pretty place. As the largest generation for five decades, baby boomers spending trends continue to drive the economy. They have spent much of their lives in cars and offices and now want fresh air and walkable neighborhoods within easy reach of parks, beaches, shopping, dining, entertainment and culture. Research shows that outdoor group oriented exercise such as gardening improves social skills and confidence,… Read more »

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