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Update: Baby Boomer Real Estate Trends

September 15, 2015

For decades, developers and urban planners have been anticipating the retirement years of wealthy baby boomers often focusing on demographic and geographic research. Boomers have always been known for blazing a new trail, and there’s no reason that wouldn’t hold true when it comes to planning their retirement years. It’s the psychographic changes of the generation that are now having the biggest impact on residential real estate in ways that are overturning conventional assumptions and redirecting amenity and service programs throughout the country. Here’s a look at five trends that can no longer be ignored: 1. Modern Homes: Most boomers have “been there, done that” with older homes that have history and character. They want modern appliances, energy-efficient doors and… Read more »

Natural Amenities Top Homebuyers’ List of Favorites

September 2, 2015

Being outside doesn’t just mean backyard pools and patios anymore. With the growing focus on health and wellness, today’s homebuyers are drawn to living healthier and nature-based amenities are at the top of their list. While the increased health benefits are important, it’s decreasing cost to manage and operate that makes natural settings more than just a pretty place. As the largest generation for five decades, baby boomers spending trends continue to drive the economy. They have spent much of their lives in cars and offices and now want fresh air and walkable neighborhoods within easy reach of parks, beaches, shopping, dining, entertainment and culture. Research shows that outdoor group oriented exercise such as gardening improves social skills and confidence,… Read more »

Top 10 Do’s & Don’ts for Real Estate Landing Pages

August 26, 2015

Tempting someone to click on your ad is half the battle. The landing page is the other half. The landing page is the first page your online prospects are taken to after they click your ad. It simplifies the clutter in front of users and clarifies the task you would like them to complete.  Here at Cotton & Company we understand that without quality landing pages, you will never fully optimize your true lead generation potential. DO’s 1. ESTABLISH YOUR GOALS. Know your marketing goals and what you are trying to accomplish. Don’t try to ask the user to do too many things at once. Is your call-to-action clear?  Do you want downloads for a free magazine? Floorplan views? Open… Read more »

Real Estate at Your Fingertips

August 18, 2015

It’s becoming more and more clear as the national real estate market returns that people are looking for real estate everywhere they go. Not in the sense that they are just driving around town searching for “For Sale” signs. (Who has time for that these days?) But rather because they are using their mobile devices while on the go to search for properties. These people are your prospects, they’re your potential homebuyers and they are going to their phones to find their next home. If that doesn’t strike you as good enough reason to update your digital marketing efforts, then consider this: Google has long said that your web presence would benefit from mobile optimization, however, in its latest update,… Read more »

Social Marketing with Pinterest

July 21, 2015
Marketing Real Estate on Pinterest

Social Marketing is important in today’s real estate market. Pinterest may not be the channel you associate with real estate marketing, but here at Cotton & Company we understand content and the importance of having a “conversation” in social media. We excel at leveraging different social platforms, creating user-friendly content resulting in engaging with your potential clients. Some real estate agents and marketing companies, such as the Corcaran Group, have already realized the potential of Pinterest as a marketing tool. After some market research, we discovered the best way to showcase what our clients have to offer. These are some of the best boards to grab followers’ attention.   Create Pinterest Boards specific to Buyers Your Dream Home Home Décor or… Read more »

The Top Five Issues Affecting Real Estate for 2015-2016

July 1, 2015

Contributions By:  CRE, The Counselors of Real Estate Demographic shifts – the impact of retiring Baby Boomers and the rise of the Millennial generation – will likely have the most significant impact on real estate near- and long-term, according to The Counselors of Real Estate®. Demographic shifts rose to the top of this year’s list because of the sheer numbers of people and transactions involved in the evolving needs of both groups in coming years, and the far-reaching effect these will have on real estate. “Anticipation of rising interest rates, continued currency devaluation, and excess capital flowing into the United States are all on the minds of our membership,” says Noah D. Shlaes, CRE, 2015 chair of The Counselors of… Read more »

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