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Golden Bear Partnering with Cotton & Company on Luxury Real Estate Marketing

By Jennifer Magill Posted in - Advertising & Media & Real Estate on November 18th, 2015

Golden Bear Realty, a global name in destination real estate, recently announced a strategic partnership with Cotton & Company. The powerful alliance of these two nationally recognized firms creates an unprecedented sales and marketing solution for resort owners, developers, lenders and country club communities throughout North America and the Caribbean. One of the most recognized, revered and respected names in the golf and real estate industries, Golden Bear’s firm has spent years researching the market and homing in on its needs. Mike Nicklaus, owner and broker, leads the Golden Bear contingent. “My family has lived up to a standard of excellence our whole life; that’s a standard that we strive to uphold. With our brand and our company, everything we…

Investment Wave Subsiding, Lifestyle Buyers Next Up

By Laurie Andrews Posted in - Real Estate on July 30th, 2013

As the real estate recovery continues across the U.S., the buyer profile will continue to evolve along with the market cycle. Institutional real estate investors acquiring distressed assets and foreclosures largely drove the first stage of transactions. As the standing inventory was depleted, the investment scenario continued with private individuals and foreign investment returning to the market. In several metropolitan markets, including Miami, these investors jumped into presale condominium construction staying ahead of the forecast rebound to capitalize on future appreciation. During the next stage of the recovery, the lifestyle-driven consumer will return to the market. Bolstered by recent gains in the stock market and the pent-up demand as a result of delayed plans for retirement or relocation, second home…

Be Credible. Build Equity.

By media Posted in - Advertising & Media & Networking & Social Media on July 20th, 2011

In the business of advertising and selling luxury brands, high brand equity is key. 
After all, a brand’s equity is ultimately derived from consumers- what they say about the brand, how they act towards the brand, their purchase and usage habits, etc. The notion of building brand equity seems simple enough: establish a credible brand that people like and will pay for. A more credible brand often lends itself to higher equity.  The traditional, tried and true way of establishing said brand credibility is through the placement of advertisements through traditional media- broadcast, print, and Internet ads. Added credibility comes in other ways, frequently through the use of celebrity endorsements. Let’s face it, whether we use these brands or not, we…