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August 17, 2018
Content Marketing for Residential Real Estate

Today’s homebuyers don’t want to be “sold.” They are tech savvy people who do their homework to find the community that best meets their needs and personality. Every individual has a unique perspective, and their priorities are as varied as their personal style. The challenge is to deliver a sales message through less aggressive editorial stories that highlight the unique selling propositions of your community.

There are hundreds of engaging stories about homeowners enjoying life in exceptional ways: A new love for gardening that’s putting fresh vegetables on the table. “Bella” the cocker spaniel they met at the dog park that is now a best friends with “Barley” their rescue dog. Or perhaps a passion for photography that inspired fabulous sunrise shots over the lake. Each demonstrates happy homeowner finding inspiration in their address of choice, and each story inspires others with similar interests to consider taking a look at your community.

Internet storytelling is today’s online referral program. It’s an opportunity to create your public message and deliver it to your target market without having to engage a third party media outlet to publish your message. As with many online programs, your success is directly tied to your commitment to creating quality content.

“Many of our communities have a wide range of on-site amenities,” says Angelene McCullough, Digital Marketing Strategist at Cotton & Company. “The facilities and activities cater to diverse interests and age groups. Our marketing approach, must incorporate the same level of thoughtful planning.”

The science of storytelling goes far beyond identifying the stories and putting them on paper. In addition to reaching potential homebuyers, these stories have significant value to the search engines. Fresh content with a focused key word strategy has been given higher priority in the search algorithm. Every social media post and blog story line represents an opportunity to enhance your position on the world-wide web. The methodology requires diligent planning, consistent delivery a diverse array of topics, and a thorough understanding of today’s social a targeting tools.

Our writers integrate a keyword strategy into the story development to ensure our content is in alignment with our digital marketing foundation. These desirable keywords are repeated and imbedded into the web development code, meta tags and social marketing posts to increase the relevance of our website to search inquiries online.

According to, 88% of Consumers trust online reviewed as much as personal recommendations. Taking a proactive approach to engage your residents in your marketing program will pay off in the long run. Be interesting, intriguing and informative with your content, but resist the temptation to sell. You’ll build a trust with consumers and a strong internet foundation.