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Establish Marketing Priorities and Analyze Every Step of the Way

By Laurie Andrews Posted in - Media & Networking & Public Relations & Social Media & Uncategorized & Web on August 21st, 2013

All across the country, real estate continues to see positive news for the industry. The good news on sales success is being driven by investment buyers seeking appreciation or rental income.  As the cycle continues and the economy continues to strengthen, end-user buyers will continue to increase. As builders and developers are putting their strategic marketing plan in place, questions often arise on how much they should budget and what the top priorities should be. As a leader in real estate marketing for more than four decades, Cotton & Company is assisting its clients by establishing priorities throughout their strategic plan. Focusing on direct consumer sales most often results in a higher ROI by lessening the commission expense.  Today, most…

Investment Wave Subsiding, Lifestyle Buyers Next Up

By Laurie Andrews Posted in - Real Estate on July 30th, 2013

As the real estate recovery continues across the U.S., the buyer profile will continue to evolve along with the market cycle. Institutional real estate investors acquiring distressed assets and foreclosures largely drove the first stage of transactions. As the standing inventory was depleted, the investment scenario continued with private individuals and foreign investment returning to the market. In several metropolitan markets, including Miami, these investors jumped into presale condominium construction staying ahead of the forecast rebound to capitalize on future appreciation. During the next stage of the recovery, the lifestyle-driven consumer will return to the market. Bolstered by recent gains in the stock market and the pent-up demand as a result of delayed plans for retirement or relocation, second home…

How Old is Too Old for Leads in the Sales Pipeline?

By media Posted in - Real Estate on February 27th, 2013

As with all cycles, the current market rebound has provided us with an opportunity to re-evaluate our lead generation efforts and to revisit our past successes. One thing that we’re constantly reminded of is that the real estate industry is all about timing. Today, inventory is at its lowest point in six years, and the local and national media are recognizing the market’s return. The timing is right. What’s next? 1.  Look to Database. If we’ve been really good students of the game, we’ve spent this interim period wisely by educating our prospects, laying the groundwork and nurturing their interest in your property. Now that they are ready to “jump off the fence,” we may even have a slight advantage. 2.  Communicate. Now…

How to Drive Outside Broker Sales in 2013

By Laurie Andrews Posted in - Real Estate on February 12th, 2013

In regional marketplaces across the country, real estate brokers are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Although the downturn has been prolonged, brokers stand ready to drive success as the market rebounds. With the national media promoting the rebound of the housing market, brokers are anxious to earn those illusive commissions. And that’s the name of the game – making money. As the developer or owner of a new residential community, brokers can provide a quick burst of momentum for your program. Here are some things you do to capture their attention and their clients: 1. Communicate and educate. A strong broker partner is a resource for his clients. He/she knows what is happening in the market…

What is More Important – Lead Generation or Conversion?

By Stephann Cotton Posted in - Real Estate on January 28th, 2013

“Lead generation” is all the channels used to create potential buyers. It used to be that print media generated early interest, then the lead came into the sales office and the buyers were then sold on the community and product. Oh, how things have changed! Today’s lead generation channels still include many traditional resources like brokers, signage, direct mail, events, television, public relations and many others.  But today the biggest change is online- where your website acts as your virtual sales office. Ever wonder when real estate sites receive the highest traffic? 10 PM. That’s right!  Laptops go to the bedroom and buyers begin their search. They explore, watch videos, visit Facebook pages and compare communities to decide which are worth touring. It makes…

6 Reasons Video Should be a High Priority When Selling Real Estate

By Laurie Andrews Posted in - Advertising & Media & Networking & Public Relations & Real Estate & Social Media & Uncategorized on January 21st, 2013

Video content is new terminology in the digital marketing age. In years past, creating a video meant a one-time production to acquire and edit a short film to tell the story of your community vision. In today’s content-rich environment, new marketing channels provide outlets where video becomes a constantly evolving tool. Creating compelling video content should rise to the top of your priority list for a variety of reasons: 1. As consumers, we live in a visual world and technology has opened the door to online learning, on-demand movies, and independent entertainment delivered through alternative channels. We look to YouTube for “how to” videos, recipes and research. Why would buying real estate be any different? 2. Making a new home purchase…

Why Social Media Marketing Works for Real Estate

By Marissa Mastroianni Posted in - Advertising & Media & Networking & Public Relations & Real Estate & Social Media & Uncategorized on January 14th, 2013

If you’ve been keeping up then you know that the final choice in the homebuyer’s decision-making process is most highly influenced by emotions. And for this reason, as real estate marketers, we must focus on lifestyle selling. If you didn’t read that blog, check it out here. Once you understand how important the lifestyle sell is to real estate, it then becomes increasingly clear why social marketing fits the bill. Here’s how: People love sharing exciting news about their lives on Facebook. This is the most natural place for buyers to showcase their new home purchase to their friends. The simple nature of sharing online and connecting with your closest friends and family falls perfectly in line with referral marketing. Never…

Is it Time to Change Out Those Engines?

By Stephann Cotton Posted in - Advertising & Media & Networking & Public Relations & Real Estate & Social Media on December 26th, 2012

You own a yacht, and it’s been quite a few years since you updated her. The engines probably need to be rebuilt or maybe even replaced. After significant due diligence, you discover that much has happened in the engine world since you last overhauled your engines. Innovative technology has opened new opportunities for substantially improved fuel mileage, quieter running engines and a digital dashboard allowing for constant analysis of all mechanical components. While you’re thrilled with the innovation, you’re also concerned about what it is going to cost. What’s a captain to do? There is only one answer — order the new engines. Yes, it is large expense, but your investment in the vessel is larger, and you must protect…

Mexico’s Comeback Captures the World’s Attention

By Laurie Andrews Posted in - Real Estate on December 18th, 2012

The rebounding Mexican economy is providing plenty of headlines for today’s final reporters. It’s hard to believe that not long ago, Mexico was in the news daily for the swine flu outbreak and endless drug violence. Today, words like “record-breaking” and “booming” are now being used to describe a thriving economy. It seems while the US was focusing on the 2012 election, Mexico quietly overcame many of its challenges. Although there remains much to be resolved, the country is now the world’s leading exporter of flat screen TVs and has also become a major force in the automobile industry. Surprisingly, one in 10 cars sold last year in the U.S. was made in Mexico. According to the Wall Street Journal, “next…

Data Capture Essential to Build Sales Pipeline

By Laurie Andrews Posted in - Advertising & Media & Networking & Public Relations & Real Estate & Social Media & Uncategorized & Web on December 4th, 2012

As we all know, two-way communication is required to have a meaningful conversation. During the new home buying process, beginning the conversation sooner rather than later should be a primary focus of your website marketing initiatives. Of course, increased website visits are a positive indication of your marketing outreach, but it’s only the first step in the sales funnel that requires bringing the prospect through many steps prior to reaching a closed sale. Website interaction represents a golden opportunity to open a dialog with the prospective homebuyer. Consumers are busy people, and they are often researching their options late in the evening, long after your sales center is closed. They aren’t looking for direct person-to-person contact, but they are doing their homework to…